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Calgary is a dynamic city located in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is the third largest city in the country and is situated between the Bow River and the Elbow River, surrounded by wide prairies. This diverse landscape also provides access to the breathtaking Canadian Rockies and the surrounding national parks, which are perfect for visits year-round due to the region's dry, continental climate.

The City

Calgary's path towards becoming one of the biggest cities in Canada started in the second half of the 1800s, when many settlers developed the local agricultural economy. The Calgary Stampede is an annual festival that celebrates this period, together with the western culture and heritage. The discovery of oil just outside the city at the start of the 1900s breathed even more life into the town, a turning point so important that the energy sector is still one of the main strongholds of Calgary's economy. It wasn't until the city hosted the Winter Olympics in 1988 that it was granted international recognition, becoming one of the main Canadian tourism destinations. The view from the signature Calgary Tower has become a fan favorite, just like the many festivals and events hosted by the town. The mountain ridges that can be found nearby are nice locations for both winter sports and hiking, otherwise one is left with plenty of options for a more relaxed day in the local national parks.


Calgary hosts different festivals that mainly happen during the summer, but smaller events are held year-round. You'll be able to celebrate the city's heritage and history with the Calgary Stampede and its food culture during Taste of Calgary. You can also find a folk music festival, as well as a comic-con and a firework competition among the town's many events.

Do & See

The sight unfolding from the Observation Deck of Calgary Tower is a must for anyone visiting the city. From there, a wide range of activities opens up in front of you: visit the local zoo and meet different species of animals, get thrown back into the 1900s thanks to a historical village's reproduction of that era, or hike and relax in one of the town's many parks.


Dining in Calgary is like attending a food tour encompassing specialities from all over the world: you can sample Canadian staples like poutine, Middle Eastern delicacies such as shawarma and fatayre, Italian homemade pizza as well as vegetarian dishes that are sure to be appreciated by meat-lovers, too. Whether you're looking for brand new flavors or aim to stay as close as possible to your food comfort zone, Calgary has all the right places for it.


Coffee shops in Calgary have more to offer than hot and cold beverages, pastries and tarts. Some will give you the opportunity to learn a musical instrument or discover emerging local artists, others will have you relax in the company of cats while many of them also sell the tools of their trade: brewers, mugs and coffee beans.

Bars & Nightlife

Calgary is a city filled with pubs, lounges and clubs. 17 Avenue hosts locations accepting both formal and casual dress codes, but if you're looking for a spot to either watch a sporting event or enjoy a karaoke night with a pint of beer, the Mission district would be your best bet. Downtown is where many of the nightclubs are located, a fine choice for those who feel more like dancing the night away.


To make the most out of your shopping experience in Calgary, it's best to keep a few hot spots in mind. Downtown hosts a couple of malls as well as 8 Avenue Southwest, where you'll find a great number of stores. The Red Mile, in 17 Avenue Southwest, is where you want to go for clothes and apparel, while Fourth Street caters more to those looking for home furnishing and fashion items. If you want to buy something more locally-sourced, Inglewood would be your best bet, with its boutiques and antique stores.

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